Первый пост в блоге.

Это первый пост в блоге.

Вот так будет выглядеть кусок кода:

# Welcome. You want to defuse the hashbomb, isn't it? So. You actually have to defuse 5 bombs. Are you ready?
# Level 1/5.
# Send us a string starting with k1dubcwrkxggztz4, ^[1-4a-z]{21}$, such that its sha1 hashsum equals to a4e422d35557b7d1d2bb6425acf1d98ee0d9b3d9. And... you have 60 seconds.

import hashlib
import itertools
import string
import re
from pwn import *
alphabet = string.lowercase + "1234"

r = remote("", 10002)

reg = "with ([a-z1-4]{16}).*its (.*?) hashsum.*?to ([a-z0-9]+)"

def brute(start, method, hash):
	for i in itertools.product(alphabet, repeat=5):
		s = start + "".join(i)
		h = hashlib.new(method)
		if h.hexdigest() == hash:
			return s


for i in xrange(5):
	answer = r.recv()
	if answer.strip() == "level correct!":
		answer = r.recv()
	print i, " level", answer
	start, method, hash = re.search(reg,answer).groups()
	print r.recvline()
Written on January 18, 2017